2018 Vinetage

A warm, dry and almost dehydrated Millesime! Even protected by Mother Nature, the vines have somewhat suffered from the unusually warm climate forcing us to start harvesting on the 10th of September, the earliest harvest of the winery ever. Nevertheless the wines present a pleasant freshness and harmonious acidity, especially for the Chasselas, Chardonnay and Pinot Noir, varieties which taste better with a well-balanced alcoholic content.
Our white wine “La Legende” offers a new blend with a higher percentage of Sauvignon Blanc, providing more elegance and aromas, when the Pinot Noir and Mersyca Grand Reserve are maybe one of the best we did in last 10 years!

2017 Vinetage

The most interesting vintage since 2009 and maybe the best vintage for our Chasselas Grande Réserve!
2017 enjoyed exceptional conditions for a beautiful Millesime with a great potential of aging. The wines’ balance is very harmonious, a superb acidity combined with great finesse and length, alcohol content elevated but associated with pure aromas that are quite fruity. The Pinot Noir of this Millesime is very well-balanced, so are the Gama Nera and Mersyca Grande Reserve for red wines.

2016 Vinetage

After a vinetage 2015 while power, 2016 seemed very slender to the harvest.
Records of rains and bays bursting records of size, we had to work on the extraction and the
concentration leaving the first juices, in the end, to present a fine vinetage, juicy and very elegant.
Pinot Noir regains its optimal balance while freshness.

2015 Vinetage

A powerful vinetage !
2015 was a drought year with a very modest crop yield. In the cellar, we worked this vintage on the freshness so as to maintain the traditional finesse of our wines. The first press juices were separated very early during pressing. Ultimately, the wines have an astonishing length, such as our “Chasselas Grand Reserve”, which presents a complexity and finesse never seen in our previous vintages. The red wines are powerful and perfect to cellar… a great vinetage to enjoy !